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A double jogger stroller may be used for infants or toddlers, and enables a parent to jog or run while pushing their children safely ahead of them. They may also be called “joggers” and are noted for their three wheels, with a larger fixed front wheel, which may be swivel-adjustable or not.

Joggers also have a braking system—a foot-operated parking brake and an optional hand brake, in order to bring the stroller to a quick stop. The jogging stroller also havs large air-filled tires so they are more suitable for running.

The double jogger stroller has some key features that make it more suitable for jogging along sidewalks or hiking trails, however, certain features such as its fixed front wheel may make maneuvering around a crowded city street more difficult. There are jogging strollers that have an adjustable wheel that can be fixed or swivel, but they are more expensive. One of the other types of strollers may be best for you, but if you’re a fitness fanatic, having the ability to run and jog with a jogging stroller may be your best choice.

There are dozens of double joggers on the market today, making your final decision even more difficult. One parent may love one feature, while another hates it. All of these options may be overwhelming for parents. In this guide we’ll assist you in choosing the best double stroller by examining each of their main features, so you can decide which are most important to you.

8 Best Key Features of the Best Double Jogger Stroller

The main features of the best double jogger stroller for infant and toddler can be separated into eight different categories. You may make your choices based on each of these features. Some may be more important than others depending on how often you plan on using the stroller, and the type of terrain you plan on driving on.

Here are the eight main features you should evaluate when searching for the best double jogger stroller:

  1. Safety
  2. Wheels and suspension
  3. Braking system
  4. Handlebars
  5. Canopy
  6. Size and folding ability
  7. Seating
  8. Storage capacity

1. Safety

Since the double running stroller is being used at faster speeds, it’s important to buy one with the best safety features. Buying the best double jogger stroller instead of a regular one is due to a regular stroller having a tendency to skitter and be hard to drive due to its shopping cart-style wheels.

5 point harness

5 point harness

The double jogger has also been designed to secure your children in the stroller with a harness and belt system, unlike a regular stroller where they may remain loose. Most have a five-point harness system. This is the best system which will keep your children secure, even as they’re bumping along a rough terrain.

The straps should be adjustable and not be so coarse that they’ll be uncomfortable. Some strollers may have padded harness straps. You’ll understand how double joggers are also designed with the safety of your children in mind with every one of the features below.

2. Wheels and Suspension

The wheels and suspension all work together to create the stability and comfort of the stroller. You want to be confident that your stroller is going to be sturdy, and not tip over. The suspension system contains the shock absorbers, so your children will not bounce or be jostled around during their ride.

This suspension system is located behind each wheel, and looks much like a coiled spring. Most rear wheels have shock absorbers. Single jogging strollers don’t have one on the front, but there should be one if you’re purchasing a double jogging stroller, as it provides a smoother ride for both children.

Suspension system for double stroller

Suspension system of BOB Duallie Stroller

These shock absorbers will allow your stroller to bounce up and down but absorb much of the motion so your baby and toddler don’t feel most of the bouncing. There are some strollers that can have the springs adjusted to your baby’s weight, and even the terrain you are driving over.

You should be aware that the cheaper baby strollers do not have a suspension system. This may result in a rougher ride for both of you if you decide to buy a cheaper stroller for jogging on different types of terrain.

Some strollers are designed for both walking and running, while others are more for running. Some strollers may have an adjustable front wheel that can be either locked into position, or adjusted to swivel, based on usage.

Take this into consideration, as you don’t want to have a jogger that is hard to maneuver around city streets, and does not have an adjustable front wheel, if that is where you spend most of your time. But if you only use it for running, you don’t need to go to the additional expense of purchasing one with a front swivel wheel. If you do get one with a front swivel wheel, it’s imperative that you lock that wheel into position when running, as the stroller could quickly get out of control if you don’t.

best double jogger wheel

Double Stroller with large wheels by Schwinn InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger

The wheel size may also be a consideration. If your wheels are extra large, you may feel a bit self-conscious taking up so much room on the trails or paths. This may also make the stroller harder to store away when not in use.

There are benefits to having the best double jogger stroller with larger wheels. This means that there will be more space for carrying along supplies. Children may also have a bit of extra room, and the stroller may have more stability than if you had small and narrowly spaced wheels.

3. Braking system

The brake is an essential part of a double jogging stroller that you’ll soon learn to appreciate the first time you need to do an emergency stop. A braking system is also essential when you live in a region with plenty of steep hills. You’ll be able to push your stroller as fast as possible and be confident that you can stop it at a moment’s notice.

Hand Brake for Double Stroller

Handbrake for Jogging Strollers

Braking systems consist of two different types. The hand brake, and the parking brake. All double jogging strollers have a parking brake, but not all will have a hand brake. You’ll need to decide if both are required, particularly if you are using the stroller over hilly terrain.

The hand brake is located around the front right side of the handlebar. You squeeze it to help you slow the stroller down to an easier pace. Hand brakes are only located on jogging strollers that have a fixed front wheel.

The parking brake is located beneath the stroller between the two back wheels. You use your foot to push down on it, just like the brake in a vehicle. This brake stops your stroller immediately, whereas the hand brake merely slows the stroller down.

4. Handlebars

You must take into consideration that the handlebars should be a comfortable height for both parents. Taller people shouldn’t have to stoop over, while shorter people shouldn’t have their arms at an uncomfortable angle. The best solution is to purchase the best double jogging stroller that has adjustable handles. It’s even more important when you’re jogging that your hands and arms are at a comfortable angle. You may also wish to examine how easy it is to make these adjustments, particularly if both mom and dad are regularly taking turns taking the kids out for a run, or the children are being looked after by a sitter.

Double Jogging Stroller

Handlebar of Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller

There can be a benefit of having a fixed handlebar though. It will always feel firm and sturdy in the hands, while an adjustable handlebar will have some up and down play which may be annoying to some people.

5. Canopy

The canopy serves three purposes. One is to prevent your children from becoming sunburned, and the second is to protect them from wind, rain, and snow. The canopy will also protect your young ones’ eyes from the glare of the sun.

Huge canopy coverage

Huge canopy coverage

Some strollers have adjustable canopies that can be moved around to block the sun or elements. Some canopies aren’t movable and only snap into position.

There may also be clear plastic coverings that can be attached to the canopy to provide additional weather protection for your kids.

6. Size and folding ability

The size of the stroller may be in direct correlation to the size of the wheels. The larger the wheels, the bulkier the stroller. If you have the storage in your home or your vehicle, size may not be a consideration for you. If it is, you’ll want a more compact stroller.

Almost all strollers have a folding capability, however, your double jogging stroller is not going to fold up in that same small and compact way that a single stroller will. Your main consideration will be how easy it is to fold up. There are also some strollers that fold twice, making them much easier to be stored.
Some strollers require two people to fold down or set up. In these instances, it’s likely the double stroller will always remain set up. There are some strollers that require two hands, and some that can be snapped into place with one. You’ll have to decide which is more important to you.

Folded and compact by Schwinn InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger

Folded and compact by Schwinn InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger

When you are looking for a double running stroller, you have the choice of two different folding mechanisms. With a simple mechanism, the stroller will fold up. Keep in mind that if you have a side-by-side that it will still fold up into a wider width. Some strollers have a compact folding mechanism. This requires you to actually remove the stroller’s wheels. You then fold the frame down. This can make the stroller fit into your vehicle or closet at home, but you must be aware that it takes extra time to do so.

7. Seating

You’ll have the choice of a side-by-side jogging stroller, or a tandem stroller where the children sit one in front of the other. The side by side seating arrangement is better if you have twins, as the weight is evenly distributed. Tandem is better if you have an infant and a toddler.

The seating will be all about your baby’s comfort. You’ll want to examine the seat padding. Some may have more padding than others. Some seats may come with a removable and washable cover. If you’re looking at some of the cheaper joggers, they may only have a bit of material over some board and will not be very comfortable for children.

You may wish to buy a stroller with reclining seats. The reclined position will be better for your children, as it will be better able to reduce the amount of shocks on your child’s body. Some strollers may also have the ability to adjust to different reclining positions too.

8. Storage capacity

Children naturally need some extra gear—diapers, drinks, snacks, and toys must all fit somewhere. Most jogging strollers have a small storage basket beneath the baby seats. You may wish to note size before purchase, as storage space is often smaller than in a regular stroller, due to keeping weight down while jogging.

Lots of storage space

Lots of storage space

Check to see if the storage basket is open topped, or it has a mesh surrounding them that can keep your belongings securely stowed.

When a parent is jogging and the children are enjoying the ride, everyone needs access to water. Most double running strollers have drink holders for parent and child. There may also be a tray for the child to place their hands or access snacks.
There may also be a pocket behind the back seats. These are handy for storing smaller items such as keys, wallet, or phone. You may also find stowage pockets in the canopy.

Consider your storage requirements carefully before purchase so you’re not disappointed that there isn’t enough storage to hold all the items you need for your babies.

Checklist to Help You Choose the Best Double Jogger Stroller

There can be a lot of information to absorb before deciding on the best double jogger stroller. It’s also best to never assume that a double stroller will have a desirable feature, as cheaper models may not have what you desire. Remember that the more features a double jogging stroller has, the higher its price will be.

Here is a checklist to help you choose the best features so you don’t miss out on anything.

_ Does the stroller have a safer five-point harness system?

_ Are the harness straps adjustable for your child’s comfort?

_ Does the stroller have shock absorbers?

_ Can you adjust the shock absorbers to your child’s weight?

_ Does the stroller have an adjustable front wheel (fixed and swivel) so you can use it for walking and jogging?

_ Do you like the look of the stroller? Color? Wheel size? Style?

_ Is there both a hand brake and a parking brake?

_ Are the handlebars at a comfortable height for your hands and arms?

_ Do you need adjustable handlebars if the stroller will be used by more than one person?

_ Do you want fixed handlebars for better comfort?

_ If your city has inclement weather, do you want more coverage in an adjustable canopy?

_ Do you need your double stroller to fold up or are you happy with leaving it assembled?

_ Do you want a simple folding system or a more complicated compact one?

_ Is a side-by-side stroller or a tandem stroller better?

_ What is the seating comfort like for the children?

_ Can the seats recline, and if so, to how many positions?

_ Is there storage under the seats?

_ Are there drink holders and pockets to store smaller items?

Top Double Jogging Stroller Questions

There are many more questions that you may have about double jogging strollers. Here are the top three double running stroller questions to ask before making your purchase.

Can I buy a jogger stroller if I do not jog or run at all?
Yes, but you must be certain to purchase the type that has the front swivel wheel. You’ll find that this stroller is easier to maneuver around town, and provides extra comfort for your children.

What is the difference between all-terrain and a jogger stroller?
There really isn’t a lot and often the terms are interchangeable, especially since jogging strollers may have the swivel wheel in front now. You may see some all-terrain strollers with two wheels in front.

Can I just buy a cheap jogging stroller?
You can, but you will be sacrificing on quality. Since the jogger is used in rougher and tougher terrain it could break before your children grow out of it. Your children may also be uncomfortable if the seat has no padding, or the straps bite into their skin.

Since double jogging strollers were released to the market, manufacturers have continued to improve on their design. It’s unlikely you’ll want to purchase an old double stroller from a decade ago, considering the great safety features and comfort for both parent and riders in the newer 2016 double jogging strollers.

Ready to get the best double jogger stroller out there? Head over to our list of the best double jogging stroller.

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