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double stroller guide
Comprehensive Guide

Double baby strollers are an essential part of life when you have twins or two very young children. Strollers will take your family safely around the city while you run errands, visit the playground, or head to daycare. Strollers can also be more than safety equipment, they should also be fun for you to use, and provide comfort and activity for your babies.

A great double stroller will see your children grow from being a newborn, to a toddler, and into a young child, without you needing to go to the expense of buying new strollers each year.

When you’re new to parenthood, the choice of strollers can be overwhelming. You don’t want to make the wrong choice, as double strollers can be costly. Let this double stroller guide assist you in making the best choice, whether it’s a compact double stroller for infant and toddler, or the best double stroller for twins.

6 Types of Strollers to Suit Your Lifestyle

There are six main types of double strollers for you to consider for the safe transport of infant or toddler.

  1. Twin stroller
  2. Tandem stroller
  3. Umbrella stroller
  4. Jogging stroller
  5. All-terrain stroller
  6. Sit and stand stroller

1. Twin stroller

The twin stroller is also known as a side-by-side stroller. This type is self-explanatory. Both children sit side by side, and it’s almost double the width of a single child’s stroller. In the past, this type of stroller was too wide to be convenient. Today, most are compact double strollers, and will fit past most store’s doors and onto a bus.

double stroller guide

The benefits of this type of stroller will enable each child to more easily interact with each other, and give an opportunity for mom to see both children easily.

This type is also the best double stroller for infant and toddler with car seats. The car seat will keep the infant more securely in the stroller. When the infant has grown into a toddler, the car seat no longer needs to be used. The tandem stroller can easily fit two car seats, while many of the other stroller options can only fit one.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller is one of the best twin or side-by-side stroller in the market.

2. Tandem stroller

A tandem stroller has one seat in front of the other, with one child in front, and one in the back. The child in the back seat has the benefit of being fully reclined, while the child in the front can only have their seat partially reclined.

double stroller guide

The tandem stroller is a better solution for when you are seeking the best double stroller for newborn and toddler. The toddler gets to sit in the front, while the infant lies or sits in the back in a car seat.

Some tandem strollers can also take two infant car seats but may have a higher cost. The tandem stroller is also narrower, much like a regular stroller is. This may be the better choice for navigating busier streets or stores, however, the longer size may make it more difficult for you to turn corners.

When it comes to tandem strollers, Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller is definitely up among the best.

3. Umbrella stroller

The double umbrella stroller has two short curved handles on either side, and usually about 9 smaller wheels. Their name is from the curved double handle much like an umbrella’s, and the fact that they can fold up easily, much like an umbrella can be folded up.

double stroller guide

These types of strollers are ideal for riding the bus or train during rush hour traffic, particularly when there may not be enough room for a regular double stroller. They are lightweight and weigh an average of 20 to 32 pounds at most. They’re also great for taking on planes or for road trips.

Due to their compact size, these strollers have limited features. They may have smaller sunshades and little storage capacity.

One of the cons of this type of stroller is that they’re not recommended for babies under six months old. The baby must be able to sit in an upright position in order to start using one. Most of these strollers do not recline at all.

As a double umbrella stroller, you will not believe how lightweight ZOE XL2 BEST Double Xtra Lightweight Twin Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller System is. Definitely one of the best double umbrella stroller for its price range.

4. Jogging stroller

The jogging stroller usually has three larger bicycle-style wheels. They are designed for the jogger or more active family. They are designed to withstand the faster pace of jogging. They are also adapted to provide greater comfort against vibrations for your kids.

double stroller guide

This stroller is built with a rear and all-wheel suspension system. They also have a hand brake, which is perfect for when you must do an immediate stop at the traffic light.

A jogging double stroller is also suitable for moving across rough terrain or other uneven surfaces. One of the cons of a jogging stroller is that the large front wheel is in a fixed position, so it doesn’t move or maneuver at all.

Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller is one of the best double jogging stroller in the market. However, it comes at a steep price.

5. All-terrain stroller

The all-terrain stroller has four wheels, which are larger. Usually there are two larger wheels in front. These strollers are for sportier activities with your children and are very similar to the jogging stroller. They can be used for jogging, but they are better for parents who enjoy long walks through the city, or hikes out in the country on bumpy terrain.

double stroller guide

Their benefit to using an all-terrain stroller rather than a jogger is that they are better for navigating harsh terrain, and the front wheels also move and maneuver, unlike the jogging one that has one fixed front wheel. However, the wheels can be locked into position should you wish to use your all-terrain double stroller for jogging.

The all-terrain stroller can also be used for regular city transport of your kids too. This type of stroller can generally only take one infant car seat, so is not suitable for infant twins.

Even with only a single wheel in front, BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller is one of the top pick for all-terrain double stroller. The same goes for the PRO model.

6. Sit and stand stroller

The sit and stand stroller is also called a stand on stroller. These are designed more for the active toddler. They are good for a toddler who likes to stand up and sit down on a frequent basis. They are great for when your toddler wants to get up and walk for a bit, but then easily sit back down again when they get tired.

double stroller guide

And if they want to sit down, but not in the stroller because toddlers can be fussy, there is a built-in padded bench for them to sit on. These types of strollers are more compact than the regular tandem stroller. They’re also easier to wheel around, and to store in your vehicle or closet.

Unfortunately, if you have two young children, the sit and stand stroller only carries one child in the seat, so it’s not suitable for younger children. It may work if you have one infant and one older toddler who is happy just sitting on the bench of the stroller.

For a sit and stand stroller, Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double is the best seller in its class.

Best Features to Have in a Double Stroller

When you’re shopping around for the best double stroller for newborn and toddler, you’ll notice that there are some common specifications listed in the stroller descriptions.

Your stroller will list the maximum weight it can carry. For example, 35 pounds, or 44 pounds. This is the combined weight of your two children, not just one. The stroller itself will also be a specific weight, which can affect your choice. The stroller will list an age group. The types of materials may be listed: plastic, metal, and fabric.

philandted-dot-specificationExample specification list by phil&teds dot double stroller

The colors will also be listed. A sunshade is common on most strollers, but some have a bigger shade than others, or it’s adjustable.

You may also wish to check seat dimensions. Is there just enough space to hold a child, or is there additional space for comfort on long trips?

Some strollers can be adjustable for an additional seat. This may be a feature of an all-terrain stroller which comes at a higher price tag. You can purchase the additional seat separately. You can also remove it, and use it as a single stroller.

Some can easily be folded up and placed into a vehicle. These may also have locking tabs so that they don’t accidentally come unlocked.

Some of the more important features in a double baby stroller may be in the straps, buckles, and support system. These serve a dual purpose. One is to keep the child safely sitting in the stroller so they don’t fall out while in transit. The other is to keep the child from getting up and wandering off.

When examining the harness system find out if it’s simple for you to operate, but not for your child to figure it out. Is it comfortable for your child, without squeezing or pulling on their body? Is there space to tuck in a toy that they can cuddle without having the toy fall out?

Example features of Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

You’ll always want to examine comfort for parents too. Are you able to easily push the stroller around, or is it hard on your hands and arms? A more compact or lightweight stroller may suit the parent with mobility or muscular conditions. You may also wish to examine how easy it is to push the stroller around. Can you navigate around people without bumping into walls or objects? Will the stroller go around corners easily? You may wish to see how responsive it is to moving forward and stopping too.

Best Stroller to Fit Your Budget

There is a vast range of prices in double strollers. A basic tandem stroller can cost $60 USD. The more features a stroller has, the higher the price. And for parents who want a stroller in a different color than basic black, the costs can also be higher for blue, orange, red, grey, or green.

Some of the all-terrain double strollers can be quite costly, up to $700 USD or more. This is due to a built-in suspension system, and the ability for the front wheels to maneuver and/or be locking into position. And additional comfort features such as a drink holder, storage capacity, sunscreen, or hood, will add extra to the cost too.

Strollers will have different types of wheels. Some wheels will be lockable, which is essential when you’re on transit. Some strollers may also have an emergency hand brake.

Compare the prices between three very popular double stroller

Double Stroller Safety Standards

Most modern countries have safety standards that products sold in their countries must conform to, and that includes double strollers. When purchasing a baby stroller you want to ensure that you’re buying a model that conforms to your country’s safety standards. Yes, you can purchase a cheap model made overseas, but the last thing you need is to have it break at an inopportune moment.

It’s essential to purchase a trusted brand. If at any point a stroller is recalled due to a fault, you’ll be notified. Super Baby Gear’s review page lists some of the most trusted brands for double strollers.

A lot of time and consideration goes into the design of your child’s stroller. It can be a touchy industry, considering the potential for law suits, if the manufacturer fails in a safe stroller design.

Often much of the potential for injury is in setting up a stroller. The child may become impatient, and try to sit in it before it is fully locked into place. This is why most strollers are quick and fast to setup to avoid these types of injuries.

It’s important to purchase a stroller and never have to think about the bad things that can happen. You shouldn’t have any fear and should have 100% trust that you’re buying a safe stroller.

In the US, the CPSIA governs these standards, but they’ll be a similar process in other countries. Also, most manufacturers in Asia will conform to USA safety standards, as likely this will be a large majority of their market. It can be a long process to adopt new safety standards. The average time can be over 18 months. But this gives time for the manufacturers to adjust to the new standards.

Interestingly, many of these standards come from the ASTM. This is a world-wide standards-setting organization. These are considered to be the best available. The US market will want to conform to, or exceed these standards. Currently, the ASTM standards are considered mandatory on all products, including double baby strollers sold in the USA. This may not be mandatory for other countries so you’ll need to do research to see if it pertains to where yo live. JPMA is another standard.

“Meets or exceeds all ASTM and CPSC Standards and JPMA Certifications”

You may be curious about which parts of a double baby stroller may be rigorously tested for compliance.

  • Parking brake safety
  • Strollers that take car seats
  • Wheels
  • Buckles
  • Canopy hinges
  • Stability testing
  • Cords and straps safety

Look for the “ASTM” logo on your baby stroller’s label. It will give you additional peace-of-mind to know you’re purchasing a safe product.

Checklist for Best Double Stroller Guide

When you’re searching for the best stroller for your child you’ll want to stick to your budget. There’s no point in buying one that has features you’ll never need, but on the other hand, if you want one to take on the bus, a big bulky one is going to give you aggravation as it doesn’t function well in small spaces.

Here is the best double stroller checklist to help you make the best decision possible.

_ What is your lifestyle?

_ Is it for indoor or outdoor usage?

_ Can the stroller take only one or two infant car seats?

_ Do you have twins, or do you have one infant and one toddler?

_ Is one child old enough to be happy on a stand-on/sit-on stroller?

_ Does the stroller conform to ASTM, or your country’s safety standards?

_ Has the stroller been recently made. For example, in 2016?

_ Is your vehicle large or small?

_ Do you want to take the stroller on the bus, train, or plane?

_ Do you want to use the stroller for jogging?

_ Do you want to take the stroller out in the countryside for hikes and on unpaved paths?

_ Have you read all the features of your choice to ensure it meets your expectations?

_ Do you want your kids side-by-side, or is front and back okay?

_ Do you like the color?

_ Does the stroller have an “activity centre” to occupy your child?

_ Are the straps or harnesses child-proof so your children can’t unlock them?

_ Is there storage under your stroller, or a basket to hold lighter items such as snacks or drink containers for the babies?

_ Have you set a budget so you’re not purchasing a stroller you can’t afford?

_ Does the store have a display model that you can try out?


By now you’ll have gained a better understanding of how it’s essential to choose the right double stroller to suit your children and your lifestyle in 2016. Remember that most parents should only have to purchase one double stroller in their children’s lifetime.

Don’t be afraid to spend a bit more cash on one that provides additional comfort. You and your spouse will be relieved that you can now cross one item off the newborn twins shopping list for when you are expecting.

Ready to get the best for your babies? Find out which is the best double stroller here. For all the super moms and dads though, skip the long part and head over to our Comparison Chart.

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