Reviews of 6 of the Best Double Umbrella Stroller

Here are 6 of the best double umbrella stroller on the market today. Compare the best features of them to narrow down your choice to just one and the best double umbrella stroller. Too busy being super and no time to read? Head over to our Comparison Chart.

1. Zoe XL2 Best Double Extra Lightweight Twin Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller System

  • Orange with black
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Lightweight double umbrella stroller

The Zoe ZL2 double umbrella stroller has been designed for use in a big city or for travel. It’s designed with a durable aluminum frame that’s both lightweight and compact.

The Zoe ZL2 double umbrella stroller has two bright orange canopies over a black stroller body, with storage space under both seats. This stroller has been designed to be extremely lightweight at sixteen pounds, and has a long sturdy handle. It’s lighter than most of the other common stroller brands.

This stroller offers a quick and simple folding system which is perfect for airplane or transit. The stroller has a small cupholder, a snack cup holder, and a parent cup holder. There is a padded double belly bar to keep your children secure but comfortable. There are also additional storage features such as a spot to place your keys and phone, and a large storage basket under the seats which can hold groceries or a large bag.

The orange canopies are large, and they are also extendable, in case it’s raining or there is bright sunshine outside. There are magnetic peekaboo windows so you can check on your kids at any time. The two seats recline at an angle of 135 degrees. Each seat will hold a child up to 25 pounds each. In total, the stroller has been tested for up to fifty pounds total weight. This stroller does not have a shoulder strap or harness system beyond the front bar.

This double stroller has a five point backpack style harness system so it’s simple to fold up and secure for traveling. This stroller is designed more for children who are at least six months of age, and is not compatible with a car seat. Children should be able to sit up on their own by this age in order to sit in the stroller.

Zoe offers a lifetime warranty and guarantee on the wheels, so if they break, the company will fix or replace them for free. The double stroller measures 29 x 25 x 7.5 inches.

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2. Delta Children City Street LX Side by Side Stroller

  • Black with orange highlights
  • Cheap umbrella stroller
  • Most compact double stroller

The Delta Children City Street LX is an inexpensive side by side double stroller that can be purchased for under $100. This stroller will seat two children, each up to 35 pounds. The top of the stroller has two large European-style canopies, making it perfect for children who may be a bit taller for their ages. The visors are fairly basic. There are two storage bags in the back, but no storage under the seats.

This stroller also has a five point safety harness that enables it for fold up for storage. It’s both lightweight and compact, and the simplicity of it will make it simple to fold for storage and travel. This stroller will still be able to be wheeled through a 30 inch doorway. There is also additional storage for a parent’s cup holder.

The front wheels have a 360 degree swivel feature, and they also are shock-absorbing to make your children more comfortable from the vibrations on the road. This stroller is suitable for parents of average height as taller people over six feet tall may find that they have to hunch over to push it. There is no handle bar height adjustment.

The stroller measures 1.2″W x 29.6″D x 37.3”H, and weighs 18.3 pounds which conforms to the “under twenty pound” requirement of most airlines. The Delta stroller conforms to all the ASTM, CPSC, and JPMA standards.

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3. Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller

  • Blue with silver
  • Wind-resistant rain cover
  • Side by side umbrella stroller

The Maclaren Twin Triumph stroller may not qualify in the double umbrella stroller cheap category, but it’s still a good choice for parents who are seeking a premium style of stroller that not only is well-made and sturdy, but it also looks good. This stroller is side-by-side style. It’s heavier than many other lightweight double umbrella strollers, so it may not be as suitable for taking on a plane or transit.

The Triumph is suitable for children who have reached the age of six months old and are at least eleven pounds in weight. Even though this is not the most compact double stroller in our guide, it’s still narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway.

Both seats in this stroller have a multi-position recline function. There is also a leg support cushion to keep the kids’ feet comfortable. The canopy itself can also be folded up or down and extended to protect your children from sunlight or rain. This canopy is also wind-resistant, so it will stay in place and keep your children dry, even in inclement weather conditions. There is also a clear plastic cover that falls down over the stroller in case it rains.

Both of the seats have seat belts and two shoulder harnesses to keep your children safely inside. The two handles are umbrella-style in a black color.

There are replacement parts available for this stroller should you damage the stroller’s wheels. They are easily self-replaceable. The basic weight of this stroller is 21.1 pounds, and it measures 42.3 x 15 x 11.8 inches.

There are other optional accessories you can purchase for this stroller, including a black or silver Maclaren cup holder, or an attachable universal organizer. The black and silver color costs around $325, but can go as high as $400 depending on different color options.

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4. Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller

  • Scarlet with black
  • Double umbrella stroller cheap price
  • Side by side umbrella stroller

The Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller is available at a great price, costing under $90. This stroller comes in a scarlet red and black color. Instead of the usual two handles there are three umbrella handles. The handle on the far left has a small cup holder for your child or a bottle of water. There are two black seat belts for each child.

The canopies have a red and black color to match the stroller. They can extend down to provide shading from the sun or protection from the rain, and lift up to provide light. There is also a Cool-Climate roll-up which exposes mesh so air can be circulated, which is great for humid summers. This also creates a head rest for the children to rest their head against.

The seats both recline separately. Each seat will hold a child of up to 35 pounds each. Both children are held in by a three point safety harness system. It doesn’t come with storage, but you can purchase a separate bag that will hang from the back.

The total weight of this double umbrella stroller is 23.8 pounds. It measures 31 x 31 x 38.5 inches. You’ll find that the stroller is lightweight but sturdy, and will do the job it’s intended for, even at this low price.

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5. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller

  • Black and phantom silver
  • Most compact double stroller
  • Tandem stroller

This umbrella stroller is a bit different than your standard side-by-side double stroller, but may suit certain parents. It costs under $140, making it an affordable option for people with one baby and a toddler. This stroller is a standing tandem stroller. How it works is that the toddler sits in the forward seat, while the infant is carried in a car seat that attaches to the back of the stroller. The car seat attaches securely to the stroller’s handle. This enables a parent to directly tend to the infant’s needs. The car seat will also fit in the forward part of the seat, with the canopy over it, to protect the child from the rain.

This stroller doesn’t have umbrella handles. Instead, it has a sturdy “D” shaped handle with two drink holders. There is also a large storage space under the stroller. This type of stroller has the benefit of being compact, and is perfect for when you have two young children of differing ages, and one is too young for the regular umbrella stroller that only carries babies aged over six months old.

This stroller can take two infant car seats if you have twins, or one infant and one toddler, or two toddlers. The second toddler has the option to sit on the back bench, or to stand up. Generally, the older child will use the back platform, particularly if they’re independently walking on their own. This is a great compromise for when they want to walk on their own, but occasionally get tired and still need to sit and take a rest. The front seat has a slight reclining function, but due to the nature of the back region for the standing child or an infant car seat, it may not recline as much as you prefer.

This stroller takes three different major brands of car seats. It will fit the Baby Trend, Graco Snuglide Classic Fit, and the Britax Infant Car Seats. Even though this stroller has a different shape, the car seats can be detached, and it still folds up nicely for storage. The benefit of this style of stroller is that it will be easier to maneuver through streets and shops as it’s tandem.

The stroller is made from nylon and metal, and is imported. It will fit two children who are each up to fifty pounds each. The stroller weighs 17 pounds, so it’s still suitable to fit in the cabin stowage on a plane. It measures 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches.

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6. Britax 2016 B-Agile Double Stroller (Discontinued). For Britax 2017 B-Agile Double Stroller Review, please visit here.

  • Black color
  • Sturdy and durable double stroller
  • Easy fold side by side umbrella stroller

If you don’t require one of the lighter strollers for the airplane but want only the best stroller for your two children, the Britax B-Agile double stroller is available in a classic black color for $360. This stroller has a sturdy front “D” shaped push handle. There are two black fold-down and fold-up black canopies to protect against the elements. The canopy will protect a child sitting directly in the seat, but if you’re attaching a car seat, you may wish to purchase additional protection, as the shade will not move far enough forward to cover your infant.

You’ll like how your children can tuck their legs and feet into the stroller and have them securely enclosed, without worries that anything will catch on them as you push them through the city. There is no way for them to stick their feet down, and chances are lessened that they’ll lose a shoe.

There are two black seat belts to hold your children in position. This baby stroller can also take one or two car seats, so you can easily transport infants. When they get older, they can travel in the stroller’s seats. This is also the ideal stroller for when you have one infant who can ride in the car seat, while the other toddler rides in the other side-by-side seat.

This stroller has a simple easy fold design so it can be folded in seconds. The frame is lightweight, making the B-Agile easier to carry. There is also a frame lock which will keep the stroller closed when it’s in transit, and prevent it from accidentally opening up. There is a height-adjustable handlebar so it can be adjusted to accommodate the height of the parents.

The Britax double stroller will take any Britax infant car seat. It has a handy Click & Go system that will allow you to easily connect your Britax infant car seat. This stroller will hold two children up to the weight of fifty pounds.

This stroller weighs 26 pounds, making it heavier than the other choices in this guide, but more suitable for parents who want a sturdy and durable stroller that is unlikely to break. You’re paying more cash for the better build of this stroller. This stroller measures 40 x 30.5 x 41.4 inches.

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There are many choices of lightweight double umbrella strollers, and in many price ranges. You’ll need to base your final decision on whether you need your stroller to take an infant car seat, and how much storage capacity there is.

You should also be aware that some umbrella double strollers may be too heavy to be taken on an airplane as many airlines have a 20 pound limit. If that’s of no concern to you, each of these 6 strollers provide the most compact double stroller solution. They each fold up quickly and easily for stowage in a vehicle, or to take onto a bus or train.

Price may also be a deciding factor, but even if you can only afford a cheap umbrella stroller, it will still perform the job it needs to do at transporting and protecting your two children. But if you can afford a stroller over $300, then do it, because these strollers have some great features to make your parenting job much easier.